Shipping to the EU 
We have a new shipping service ' Easy EU' - Available for most countries in the EU. (Please ask if your country is not available at checkout)
The Easy EU Service is delivered to you by DHL, with no import taxes or fees, as these are absorbed into the shipping price, and we collect the VAT in advance. Your order will be customs cleared in the Netherlands by our agent, and sent onwards by DHL to you with NO FEES TO PAY. We ship by this method only once per week, to make the logistics viable - a single weekly drop of parcels into our agent in the Netherlands.

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We Deliver Worldwide To Over 30 Countries

Although we are based in the UK, most of our customer base is out of the UK. To get your items to you as fast as possible and at modest cost, we have developed a shipping calculator offering standard and insured options to choose from. Shipping is automatically calculated based on item weight, so customers will always be paying the right amount.