4 Digit Z5700M Nixie Kit with Tubes

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  • Hobby Clock Kit of Parts to be soldered together
  • Hours and Minutes display on four Z5700M tubes (Included)
  • 0.55" / 13mm Digit Height
  • Ideal as a gift - either the kit or the completed clock.
  • Programmable seconds display at end of minute
  • Plexiglass case available here
  • 12 or 24 hour modes
  • Uses a Quartz Crystal Oscillator as the timebase
  • Programmable leading zero blanking
  • Supercapacitor backup. Keeps time during short power outages
  • Simple time setting using two buttons
  • Programmable leading zero blanking
  • Programmable neon colon settings (Flashing AM/PM indication, illuminated AM/PM indication, flashing, on, off)
  • Seconds can be reset to zero to precisely the set time
  • Programmable night mode - blanked or dimmed display to save tubes or prevent sleep disturbance.
  • Separate modes for colon neon during night mode
  • ‘Slot Machine’ Cathode poisoning prevention routine
  • Not AC frequency dependent – works in all countries
  • All user preferences stored to non-volatile memory
  • 12V DC Power supply not included, but available here if you need

This is what you will get after soldering the Kit together (Hex spacers not included)

You will actually receive a BLACK PCB

Case not included but available here

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