GN-24A Complete Nixie Bundle (Copper Finned Case)

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  • Hobby Kit of Electronic Components
  • Includes Nixie Tubes and CNC Machined Aluminium Case, Copper Anodised
  • Full color RGB Tube Lighting under each tube
  • RGB Tube lighting can be disabled if you prefer

    What's new on the QTC+?
    Matte Black Driver PCB with Gold pads
    Reduced component count for RGB LEDs - Intelligent LEDs needing no resistors
    Simpler Anode Drivers -  socketed Optoisolators, for easier assembly and troubleshooting
    Double dot colon neons, with many modes for AM / PM indication and more
    Support for our XTERNA Wireless Time and Temperature Transmitter


    Previously, a failed tube always meant a tricky operation to delicately remove the tube whilst trying to preserve all traces intact. Whilst this was certainly possible, It was never easy, and made it uncomfortable to give a Nixe Clock as a gift in case a tube ever failed. With the QTC+ system (‘Quick Tube Change’), each tube is soldered only to its own mini ‘tube cell’ PCB. A tube can be changed in minutes with no danger to the main PCB. The small addition in cost is dwarfed by the huge advantage this gives. A single main board is capable of driving tens of different types of solder-in Nixie Tube. You can even completely change the tube type of your clock by installing new tube cells and tubes.

    Here is the clock PCB after assembly - ready to mount in the included case.

  • Hours, Minutes and Seconds display on Six British GN-24A tubes with 16mm digit height (included)
  • Original, unused vintage tubes from circa 1980 manufacture
  • Uses a Quartz Crystal Oscillator as the timebase
  • Overall size including case: 215mm (8.5") wide, 76mm (3") front to back.
  • 12 or 24 hour modes
  • Programmable leading zero blanking
  • Date display in either DD.MM.YY or MM.DD.YY or YY.MM.DD format
  • Programmable date display each minute
  • Scrolling display of date or standard display
  • Alarm, with programmable snooze period
  • GPS OR WiFi Time Synchronisation Receiver Included with status indicator LED
  • Dedicated DST button to rapidly switch between DST and standard time (summer / winter time)
  • Supercapacitor backup. Keeps time during short (typically 2 - 4 hour) power outages
  • Configurable for leading zero blanking - Preferred for USA customers
  • Double dot colon neon lamps
  • 11 colon neon modes including AM / PM indication (top / bottom or left / right), railroad (slow or fast) etc.
  • Programmable night mode - blanked or dimmed display to save tubes or prevent sleep disturbance
  • Rear Indicator LEDs dim at night to prevent sleep disturbance
  • Weekday aware ‘Master Blank’ function to turn off tubes and LEDs on weekends or during working hours
  • Separate modes for colon neons during night mode
  • Standard, crossfading, or crossfading with scrollback display modes
  • ‘Slot Machine’ Cathode poisoning prevention routine
  • Programmable RGB tube lighting – select your favourite colour palette
  • 729 colours possible. Have a different colour or your choosing every hour, or autochanging colours
  • Not AC frequency dependent – works in all countries
  • All user preferences stored to non-volatile memory
  • Additional wireless functions if XTERNA module used:
    - Display of outdoor temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 
    -  Min / Max temperature in last 24 hours
    - Wireless, Auto Sync of time from GPS with auxilliary TCXO
    - GPS Sync time, and time since last GPS Fix
    - Voltage of XTERNA module battery

Here are the Electronic Components and Circuit Boards

Six ITT British- Made GN-24A Tubes are included, with a 16mm digit height

The case is CNC machined from SOLID 6061 Aluminum, and then Copper Anodized. It is a hefty, quality piece, with a weight of 330g / 12 oz

Download Kit Assembly Instructions Here

Drive Mode
The Nixie Tubes are driven by a modern HV5812 High Voltage Driver IC by Microchip. With 20 outputs, it is able to drive the six Nixie Tubes in a very comfortable 3X2 multiplex.

The rear panel of the clock, showing the indicator LEDs and push buttons

Included is our GPS Time Receiver, or WiFi Time receiver

GPS (Add a note on your order whether you want GPS or WiFi)
GPS Time Synchronisation Receiver, which automatically receives time and date from GPS satellites. Please note, the GPS needs to be within 2m / 6ft of a window.

WiFi (Add a note on your order whether you want GPS or WiFi)
WiFi Time Synchronisation Receiver, which once quickly configured, will connect to your home WiFi Router and gather time from an NTP Time Server. 

NOT INCLUDED, but compatible with our XTERNA Time / Temperature Transmitter:

If you want this option instead of the GPS or WiFi, please send us a message prior to ordering (£20 surcharge)

Xterna Adaper plugged into the rear of the clock, to accept the tranmissions from the XTERNA module

12V Power Adapter
A high quality power adapter for your country is included, with a long 2m / 6ft cable.


Download Kit Assembly Instructions Here

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