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Here is an example of a clock using IN-18 tubes and INS-1 for the colon neons.

RemoteSystem is a complete integrated suite of hardware for building a fully-featured Nixie Clock with tubes wired remotely from the driver board. 12 Way ribbon cable and IDC connectors are used for tube connections. 

Here are the RemoteSystem Instructions

Compatible Tubes:
We have 'cell' PCBs for IN-18, Z5660M, Z566M, ZM1040, ZM1042, R|568M, IN-12, GN-4, ZM1020, Z560M, IN-8-2, IN-14 and very many more. If the tube you want to use is not listed - ask us!

This is the PCB as you receive it - all SMD components pre-soldered

The product is supplied as a kit of parts to be soldered together, and this is how it will look  after you have assembled it.

What else will you need to make the clock?

In addition to the main driver board, you will need the following:

  • 12V DC Power Adapter (minimum 1A)
  • 12 IDC connectors and sufficient ribbon cable to prepare the tube ribbons
  • 6 tube cell PCBs for your chosen tube type. You can absolutely mix different tubes on your clock
  • For RGB Tube lighting, you need sufficient / long enough 3 way connector cables to wire back to the headers on the main board. APA106 LEDs are included with the tube cell packs, so you just need sufficient 3 way cable to connnect back to the main board. We have the necessary cables here


  • If you want the four neon lamp colon separators, you need 4 neon lamps and four 2-way wiring cables.  
  • Wifi or GPS time sync modules are also optional.
  • A PIR motion sensor kit to power down the clock when you leave the room.All the above items are easily found on our website.

Please also check out our compatible DekaDuo Dekatron driver, which plugs directly into a dedicated header on the main board to provide power, GND and a Sync Signal. It even knows when the clock is sleeping and powers down the Dekatrons too!

Drives Dalibor Farny's Jumbo Tubes

We have a growing range of cell PCBs catering for almost all Nixie tubes.

Underside of cell, showing 3-way RGB connection and also the 12 way ribbon cable for tube drive. (IN-18 cell)

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