Single Socket for IN-8, IN-2, IN-12, IN-18, IN-4 Nixie Tubes

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- Gold plated, single receptacle contacts
- Price per single socket contact
- Single contact - buy as many as you need
- Fit 0.9 mm - 1.1 mm pins commonly found on many Nixie tubes and other vacuum tubes
- The only socket suitable for IN-8 tubes
- Fit to either 0.7mm or 1.6mm PCB holes - see dimensioned drawing below

- Fit the following tubes, and more..
- IN-8, IN-2, IN-12, IN-18, IN-4, ZM1030, ZM1032, Z566M, Z5660M, ZM1042, ZM1040, ZM1020, NL840, NL848.

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