Nixie FunKlock Kit With Tubes Included


Every single review is 5*, really this kit should be sold to experienced hobbyists, and not to newbies. The end result looks good - but along the way: Many components are very small and similar and hard to read/determine. You need bright light, magnifying glass, 20:20 vision, a secure table (so you don't loose the tiny components) and an internet set up to search for what all the components look like. Quality of soldering iron will determine whether you get a good connection or not. Also with several components in, you'll need several "holders" to hold the PCB in place whilst you solder. You need a multi meter to test. And when connections go wrong, to test where mistakes are. Pair of pliers to cut the wire. It will take people many more hours that they think.
Date Added: 01/04/2019 by David E.