Nixie Clock QTC+ With ZM1210 Tubes LIMITED!!


The other reviews pretty well say it all, but this kit really was fun to put together. Beautifully designed PCB, high quality components, and extremely detailed, illustrated directions.

The clock itself is great, with many cool functions and options available through the setup function.

I ordered the WiFi dongle and clear plexi QTC case along with the clock.

The WiFi time sync adapter is brilliant. I can't receive GPS signals while inside my house, but this thing connects to my WiFi LAN and ensures that the clock always displays the correct time.

The most tedious part of the entire assembly process was pulling the protective film off of the clear plexiglass case pieces, but that took less than an hour. The clear case looks great and shows off the internals of the clock very nicely.

Would highly recommend this clock kit and accessories. I'm buying a couple more kits to give to my techie friends as Christmas presents.
Date Added: 05/17/2017 by Frank Schaedlich