IN-8 Nixie Tube Clock Kit with Tubes


A very well made kit. The instructions were accurate and helpful. I built it during one evening in one go and it worked right away. I do have two suggestions for improvement: The way you set up the "dark hours" in the firmware is way to complicated, i'd rather set up one time for it to go dark after sunset and another time for it to go bright in the morning again instead of setting a brightness value for every single hour of the day. My second gripe is with the ugly colors of the LEDs in the back: I bought this clock for the beauty of the orange glow of the nixies - so I'd like the LEDs to be all clear epoxy bodied and emitting amber light to match the tubes as well as possible.

Note from PVE: Amber LEDs are available, but you chose blue.
Date Added: 01/28/2018 by Matthias M.