IN-8 Nixie Tube Clock Kit with Tubes


I heard about Nixie Tubes from a friend and discovered that was the best place to buy them. The first time I tried to make this kit, I did not have the proper materials (not the right solder, and a giant Weller soldering gun) and was frustrated when trying to complete the kit.

After getting the proper gauge solder, and a well made soldering pen, I bought the PCB without the tubes to retry making this kit. I found it much easier the second time, but I still had some problems getting some tubes to work properly. (As I found out later, it was because of my faulty solder connections). After being in contact with Pete, from the PV Electronics shop in the UK, he offered to have me send in the board. The fixed all of the circuitry problems with the board, and tested it to make sure all of the systems were working properly. They did this for free, and their customer service was amazing. My clock has been working now for well over two years, and I have not had any problems since I built it. This is one of the best purchases, and one of the most enjoyable experiences I have invested in.
Date Added: 07/08/2017 by Michael McDermott