IN-14 Nixie Bundle (Plexi Case) with GPS or WiFi Time Sync.

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This is a great set of enhancements to what was already an outstanding design. Whilst the build has been simplified by utilising 'neopixels' (which reduces the resistor count) it is still a very satisfying board to complete and the results are excellent.

I completed the main board (not including the tube boards) in around 2 hours, I would allow 2-4 hours for the complete build. The Tube Cells are quite easy to build and the instructions describe an easy method of getting all the tube wires into the holes on the board with relative ease.

Other enhancements include the double neons which have a variety of display options as well as a few more software options including support for the optional XTERNA module which will allow display of temperature as well as time. This bundle included a small GPS Kit (very simple construction) which keeps the clock in perfect sync.

Top marks for this great refinement of what was already a nice product.
Date Added: 09/28/2018 by Richard S.