Z5700M Nixie Bundle (Blast Finish Case)

£206.80  £159.95
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Great kit as usual from PV Electronics. The case in particular is absolutely gorgeous in craftsmanship and finish. I assembled the clock using some NEC/Rodan CD66A nixies with ultra fine horizontal anode grid which I had saved for a special nixie clock project and they are a perfect complement for the horizontally finned case.

The electronics are also of the highest quality: an extremely well made PCB (through hole contacted) makes soldering a breeze and all components are quality stuff. However it's not a beginner's kit; there are a lot of solder points and some of them are pretty close even though no SMD components are used. Assembly defintely requires proficiency in soldering small components and takes the better part of an afternoon.

At the bundle price the kit is a steal and I'd say: Get one while stock lasts.
Date Added: 04/14/2017 by Thomas Waselowsky