Complete Nixie FunKlock Kit Bundle (Copper)

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This is a brilliant little kit - very easy to build (maybe 4 hours or so with plenty of short tea breaks) easy to follow instructions and very high quality components - especially the PCB which is probably the nicest I've ever used, its spot on.

One small tip - at step 1 you need to solder in the 40 nixie sockets. This isn't difficult but I would recommend using crocodile clips or something to secure the PCB to a block of wood as you do this, this will hold the sockets in place while you solder and prevent them from moving. I didn't do this and a couple ended up less than perfectly straight. The Nixies still install and work fine but as a result the 2 outside tubes are maybe 2 or 3 mm higher than the 2 middle ones - not a big deal but easy to avoid.

Thanks to Pete and PV electronics as a whole - brilliant product which I can't recommend highly enough.
Date Added: 06/04/2018 by Andy R.