ELITE NL840 Nixie Clock Kit with Tubes


Bought this kit as a bit of an impulse-buy, but one I am certainly not going to regret.
This kit is a joy to build, clear manual and beautiful silkscreened boards.
When one of the numerals refused to work, I had a quick chat with a support engineer via the chat window on the website. He identified the likely cause and after a quick reflow of an smd connection, the clock was working fine.
You can see this is a mature product by the amount of options, it has all the clock and lighting functionality that you can imagine.
It's wonderful that you can configure an expensive piece of kit you your own liking.
I am really happy with my choice of the NL840 tubes, their fine mesh is nearly invisible and I love the proper 5 numeral.
Also, I was worried the numerals would be tiny because I read somewhere that the numerals on the NL840 are 15.5mm high, but mine are 18mm, so I worried for nothing.
The finished clock is a joy to look at, with its constantly changing seconds digits.
Here is a video of the finished article:

Cheers, Patrick
Date Added: 10/13/2018 by Patrick H.