Complete Nixie Maestro Kit Bundle With Finned Case

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I think I have purchased and built just about every kit Pete has to offer. While i love the large IN18 nixie bulbs for the larger display... I have developed a great fondness for this kit in particular. It is a fairly quick build for me, taking just a few hours usually.

What REALLY shines though is the support you get from Pete. I have had several kits that didn't work correctly after I built them. Pete asks for pictures front and back and on one occasion... He spotted a stray wire I had clipped free from one of the components I had soldered. It shorted out one of the legs of the IC chip and the clock would work. After removing the tiny offender... It fired right up!

These clocks are AMAZING and I have at least one clock in every room of my house! I just love the ambiance it creates!

Just two words... BUY IT!
Date Added: 03/20/2023 by Rick K.