QTC+ Kit for IN-8-2, XN11, Z570M, ZM1082 and Many Others


This is the second kit I have bought, the first being the IN-8.

I was originally going to use this as a remote base to put in an enclosure of some kind but the quality and look of the kit when finished just cries out to be displayed in the "nude"

The quality of the boards is excellent and the component locations are clearly marked. Another nice feature are the little notes on the board telling you which way to place components that are directional.

I did make a slight change because I have decided to show it off in it's naked glory in that I mounted the information (RTF/GPS, Alarm & DST) leds so they point up instead of to the rear so I can see them more clearly.

They colour choice for the display leds is immense, don't forget that it needs to be set for each hour independently of the tubes so if you have the tubes set to "off" during the night then you also need to set the leds to off.
Date Added: 09/07/2014 by Mark Holmes