QTC+ Kit for IN-8-2, XN11, Z570M, ZM1082 and Many Others


This was the first Nixie Clock i have ever built and it was great fun!
Without a lot of experience in soldering i managed to complete it within about 10hrs, thanks to the thorough instructions.
I love the RBG led control and the general ease of use when operation the clocks settings.
it is also very accurate after adjusting it's speed in the menu, i have had it running for 4 days now since first adjusting it and it has not lost or gained even half a second yet!

With this i also wanted to thank Pete for his outstanding costumer service, he answered every single one of my questions and was quick to reply.

Overall i am very happy with my purchase and am already thinking about buying the next kit...
Greetings from Germany!
Date Added: 10/23/2016 by Konrad Lohse