Halo Nixie Clock Kit for IN-4 Tubes

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  • Hours, Minutes and Seconds display on six IN-4 Nixie Tubes  (Not Included)
  • 18mm digit height
  • 12 or 24 hour modes
  • Date display in DD.MM.YY or MM.DD.YY Format
  • Alarm clock feature with programmable snooze (6,9,12 or 15 minutes)
  • Programmable auto display of date at end of minute
  • Optional Blue, Green, Pink or Yellow LED tube lighting. Can follow night blanking.
  • Uses a Crystal Oscillator as the timebase
  • Optional GPS Synchronisation with status indicator LED
  • Supercapacitor time backup for short power interruptions
  • Simple time setting using two buttons
  • Programmable leading zero blanking
  • Calendar function has full leap year calculation up to 2099
  • Five programmable neon colon settings (Flashing AM/PM indication, illuminated AM/PM indication, both flashing, both on, both off)
  • Maintains time during setup mode, eg. When changing between Standard Time and Daylight Savings Time
  • Seconds can be reset to zero to precisely set the time
  • Programmable night time mode - tubes blanked or dimmed to extend tube life / prevent sleep disturbance
  • Separate modes for colon neons during night time mode
  • Fading digit mode or standard change of digits
  • 'Slot Machine' cathode poisoning prevention routine
  • All user preferences stored to non-volatile flash memory
  • Useful tube-test routine on cold startup
  • Night mode override with 1 button press. Customisable override period
  • LED backlights can be added below as an option in several colours.

Download Kit Assembly Instructions Here

Plexiglass case not included, but available in our store

All electronic components are provided, except power supply, LEDs for tube lighting and tubes. DCF / MSF / GPS receiver not included, but available in our store.


66 Gold plated socket receptacles for the tubes
All transistors, resistors, capacitors, ICs, diodes
IC Sockets for all DIP ICs
2 X Neon bulbs for hours:minutes:seconds separators
Double sided, plated - through - hole PCB with red solder resist.
Fully pre-programmed PIC microcontroller, with socket
Optional 18 X 1206 SMD LEDs for tube backlights - see below
Piezo alarm sounder


Compatible with our Micro GPS Time Receiver and NTP Sync Device:



Plexiglass case not included, but available in our store


Plexiglass case is available from the 'Cases for Clocks' section of our website

You will need a 500mA 12V DC Power Adapter. It is not included, but you can find the specification here, and if you don't already have one at home or office, we have them for sale.

Download Kit Assembly Instructions Here

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