XTERNA Wireless Time and Temp Transmitter

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Welcome to XTERNA, our new concept for synchronising time and capturing outdoor temperature for display on our clock and thermometer kits. Driven by a PIC microcontroller with advanced low power modes, the XTERNA captures time from GPS satellites every 6 hours, and stores in an on-board Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator (TCXO). Further, the device captures outdoor temperature every 10 minutes from an on-board DS18B20 digital temperature sensor. Every 10 minutes XTERNA transmits the time and temperature data, which can be received by our XTERNA compatible clocks. 

Additional data is transmitted such as battery voltage and GPS fix time. 

Supplied as a complete hobby kit of parts (For shipping reasons, batteries are not included), the kit takes approx 30-40 minutes to comfortably assemble. The TCXO IC is pre-soldered, so there is no fiddly SMD soldering to worry about. 

Naturally, XTERNA is sealed against rain ingress.  Battery life is estimated between 6 to 12 months. We recommend high quality branded batteries for the longest operation between battery changes.

Working Temperature Range: -40 °C to +6°C. (-40 °F to +14°F)
Reception Range: 10 to 30 Metres (30 to 100 ft). The module should be placed as close as possible to the indoor clock or thermometer.

Directly Compatible with the following kits: ELITE, MAESTRO 
Also compatible with SPECTRUM, QTC+, HALO CHROMA and NIXIE 5750 In conjunction with the
XTERNA Adapter

Supplied as a kit of parts  - assembly required

XTERNA placement outdoors should be in a position out of direct  sunlight, and preferably sheltered from heavy rainfall. Pictured here on a north facing wood store.

An example of our ELITE IN-8 Clock showing outdoor temperature transmitted by Xterna

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